Kelly Frye Software

We design our business software around the way you do business

Kelly Frye Software has been involved with helping customers to achieve their goals since 2002.

Business Model

While there are a multitude of software creators, we stand out because we design our software around the way you do business. That means we do not sell anything that we have not personally developed on-site at an actual business similar to yours.

What you get in return is a product that fits into the flow of your business model. We pride ourselves on that. Rarely, would you find a feature that is missing from our software and if so, just let us know and we will fix that!

Our Products

We provide Software Solutions for the following Small to Medium Size Businesses:

What are Customers are saying

“My company has been using Kelly-Frye “PIPELINE” Store Manager Software for over the past 7 years and believes it has significantly contributed to the overall success of my business. This Super Sales Friendly (SSF) software has allowed our Sales Staff to focus on selling our products and not be inundated with administrative sales paperwork. Our entire operation has increased in both efficiency and effectiveness by the streamlined processes afforded by PIPELINE. We have increased sales 3 fold since opening and our Sales Staff are very pleased with the abilities within PIPELINE to execute their sales tasks because the software supports internal “cradle to grave” tracking of sales (Quote to Sales Order to Purchase Order to Invoicing), to include Special Orders. The entire system is fully automated and we no longer have to maintain massive amounts of paperwork. “ Christine Reilly, owner of Foxworth Decorative Hardware, LLC.

“J&J Wholesale Dist., Inc. has been a Kelly-Frye software customer for almost eleven years now, specifically the Pipeline Store Manager program.  The program was actually put into “live” action early in 2006.  Yes, there was a period of time that I was apprehensive about going fully automated after 28 years of doing it the old-fashioned way-by hand.

I can’t even begin to describe how seamless the transition was once I committed to the leap of faith.  Our business is thriving and much more efficient than ever before because of this software.  The “reports” capabilities alone are worth the price of admission.  It is much easier to keep a handle on every aspect of our business now.

I must also add, that the tech support department of Kelly-Frye is second to none.  They not only walked us through this “painful”(not really) transition, they  have been there for any questions that have arisen since.  Also, every suggestion I have made has been taken to heart and most have been put into action and become a permanent fixture of the Pipeline program, usually within days, if not hours.

As you can tell, I am more than satisfied with the quality of the product and the unparalleled service we have received from Kelly-Frye.  I wholeheartedly endorse their product and work ethic.” Jason W. Carpenter, VP of J&J Wholesale Distributors, Inc