Health Insurance

What type of Health Insurance Should I Buy?

The Association Plan:

Personally, I like health policies that provide freedom to choose. For those of you who can afford top of the line coverage which pays out with little or no out of pocket expenses … WELL … I have those policies that you can pay for and I do mean PAY for.

However, for the majority of us who are on some type of budget, we are just trying to make certain we don’t lose everything we have if some catastrophic illness or accident befalls us. We want to make sure that we have at least basic hospitalization insurance. With a basic hospital plan we can always add riders for other types of coverage and still stay within       our budget. I like that even better. Too many people forego health insurance because so few agents offer them any affordable options. Many agents say we have PLAN A or PLAN B which one do you want?  With Margo Kelly & Associates we will make you a plan C that has been carefully selected based on what is important to you and what you can afford.

Many people are going to end up in the hospital because they have been involved in an accident, experienced a heart attack or stroke, developed cancer, or contracted some other life threatening disease or medical condition. I would highly recommend an affordable policy that will pay you money in case a critical illness should ever happen to you. Why? Because the money will sure come in handy to help protect you financially during your loss of income, offset the expense of your basic medical deductibles and co-pays and most importantly provide you with the peace of mind you will need while you recover from whatever threatened your life. I think this a policy that everyone should seriously consider. In addition to this policy, our association memberships in well known and respected organizations will also provide you with additional protection in the form of cash benefits in the event you become involved in an accident. In any event … Margo Kelly & Associates wants to give YOU the FREEDOM to CHOOSE, wisely.

Or… Choose Traditional Major Medical-Comprehensive Plan: